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Chris Barclay's Main Recording Guitars

teal front


This Guitar is one Chris' favourite guitars to play. It has 3 Texas Special Pickups which have a high mid range out put. These were favoured by the great Stevie Ray Vaughan on his guitars. Chris says "This guitar was offered to me from a friend of mine who managed a music shop. His original customer ordered it from the USA and had it especially brought in for him but couldn't buy it in the end. So it was offered to me at a discount! I didn't dig the way it looked because I wanted something more vintage looking at the time and something more modern sounding. Plus it was really expensive at the time but I was blown away with the tone of this guitar. It is really bluesy and vintage sounding with real playability...
teal rear ...Now that it has aged and been played so often it has only gotten better. It has been re-fretted twice and the Rosewood finger board has really stood the test of time. I really look after my guitars and respect them because they are beautiful things. This guitar has had so many near accidents on stage that it has more lives than a cat. I have flipped it, swung it around my neck, fallen onto a drum kit with it and dropped it on stage and there is hardly a scratch! This guitar sounds beautiful played through a clean valve amp because the pick ups really sparkle and twang. It sounds amazing with a blues gain and can sound like broken glass with high gain distortion. The pick ups on this really make sweep picking smooth and the bridge pick up has a really high treble tone which can really scream."
This guitar was used during the last decade when Chris was in different covers bands in the live music scene in Auckland. It is used in songs 'All Along The Watchtower' 'Running', 'Open The Bedroom Door' intro, 'Dont Get Me Wrong' rhythm sections and the more bluesy parts of Chris' new song 'I Won't Fade'.
Fat front


This guitar was another accidental purchase by Chris. Chris says " I have always been into Stratocasters but I was lucky enough to  be in the situation to buy two more American made Strats in 2007. I really wanted another traditional Strat but I had always been drawn to the more modern, heavy, fatter, sounds that companies like Gibson, PRS, Ibanez supply to their high gain players. So I set out to buy something modern from like Ibanez or ESP for shredding. The dude in the music shop game me lots of modern axes to try and they all played great but when the gain or volume was rolled down they sounded dead to me. A limited edition 60th anniversary American Deluxe model was in the shop at the time in this really unusual off white sparkle colour...
Fat Rear ...This guitar actually up close looks like a pearl. What made it a special instrument for me was that it had a high pick up out put with the boost button on the volume control, and a hot Humbucker at the bridge. It also has that classic Fender single coil tone on the neck pick up. I love the neck pickup for sweeping. Paired with the locking whammy bar system and nut it had a good range for scoops and dips which I set floating high. This guitar stays in tune well, is getting better with age and plays like butter."
This guitar is used mostly by Chris on high gain/lead or distortion channels. It was the only recorded guitar on 'Go Let It Out', and 'Open Your Eyes'. It played the 'Don't Get Me Wrong' solos, 'Open The Bedroom Door' solos and rhythm, and is used in Chris' new song 'I Won't Fade' for the reverse whammy bar part in the last guitar solo. This guitar sounds good doing Metal, Hard Rock, Blues, Country or Jazz.



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