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Musical Guitar Style

Chris Barclay is a  Rock Lead and instrumental guitarist. Chris' musical styles cross over from Rock to Blues, Metal, Country, Pop and Progressive.
Chris operates most of his guitar melodies and solo's based on many different guitar modal scales which have frequent ascending and descending movements. Chris also regularly employs pitch axis where a chord or note is the movement point between changing major keys. Chris was influenced by many of the 80s rock virtuoso's who used this technique to build tension in the solo or music. Chris identifies "Surfing With an Alien" by Joe Satriani as a major influence. Chris also frequently uses blues, pentatonic and chromatic runs in his playing. Chris says "I am definitely influenced by the great white blues guitar players who were influenced by some of the early black blues players."

One of Chris' favored techniques is the use of alternate picking for speed with touches of legato. Chris also frequently uses sweep picking over 6 or 3 string arpeggio shapes at the start or finish of his solos. Other techniques Chris displays in his playing are two finger tapping, harmonics and string droning and he is a heavy user of the whammy bar.

Chris' tone can vary from hard distortion, to over driven valve blues, to clean. Chris is not a prolific user of guitar effects but his playing can feature frequent use of Wah pedals. Chris also deploys a slight amount of delay in a lot of his playing, and occasional chorus and compression. Chris uses a mid dose of Reverb when recording and playing live.


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